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MrKen's Jukebox
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MrKen's JukeBox

this banner was made by a true friend, "Char"
MrKen found these songs on the web :-)

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T - Z & #s

And for you Country Music Fans

MrKen's Country JukeBox

And Here's Some "GOSPEL" & "Religious" Music

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Please note:
All of the songs are AM radio quality

Check back often, I'm ALWAYS adding to this page
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All wavs on this site are in MPEG Layer 3 Format. MPEG Layer 3 wavs are compressed wavs. This means that the file size is made smaller, allowing for quicker downloads, and less disk space used to store the wavs. To hear a compressed wav, you need to have a file known as a CODEC (coder/decoder) on your computer. By following the link below, you will find a very small (300 KB) , yet very good CODEC. To use this file and to hear all these great wavs, simply follow these steps.

  1. Download the mpeg.exe to your computer. Remember where you put it!
  2. Navigate to the file you just downloaded, using Windows Explorer.
  3. Double click on the mpeg.exe file in Windows Explorer.
  4. Blink twice. That's how long installation takes.
  5. That's it! The file is installed, and you can now hear compressed wavs!

Playing is '1 Hit Wonders'

And have a look at these!

Check out this guitarist, 23 yrs old, self taught.

Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven

Steely Dan Live on the Midnight Special 1973 - Do It Again
Pink Floyd - Another Brick in The Wall

Bob Dylan - Thunder on the Mountain

Fleetwood Mac - Gold Dust Woman

And here's the REAL hero

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